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Help Our Community

About Mt. Zion Community Outreach

Who We Are

We are a non-religious 501(c)(3) organization that supports the Richmond County and Columbia County communities by connecting those in need with available resources. Located in Grovetown, Georgia, Mt. Zion Community Outreach is comprised of nine members that represent many facets of our community. Learn more about our board members here.

What We Do

We work to ensure local citizens have the capacity be considered quality candidates for well-paying jobs by providing training to enhance the skills set of those who lack them. We have three primary programs to enrich the lives of our community citizens. RoboCamp, I Choose Success, and Job Skills all help participants hone valuable skills. They are central to our mission of empowering the disadvantaged.​ 

Our Goal

We work to ensure the socio-economically disadvantaged gain the education, capital, and opportunities they need to lead  productive lives. We want to ensure the coming job growth won't create a greater divide, economically, technologically, and culturally between those who have and those who don't. In so, we will continue to organize job fairs, job trainings, provide clothing and financial assistance for training classes and other educational purposes, and tutor young children.


  • RoboCamp

    Computer science program that teaches middle-school aged children how to code. 

  • I Choose Success

    Our trademark tutoring program that helps middle-schoolers who need help with their schoolwork.

  • Ready For Work

    We teach resume-writing and interview skills, offer GED prep, and connect people with employment opportunities to strengthen the workforce.

  • She Learns To Code

    Learn more about our program that teaches girls to code and build real-world skills and confidence. 

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