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Sea Pollution


“We are all citizens of Planet Earth, and there is no other place we can go. Climate change is a political choice. This is not just about the environment, it's about the community, it's about jobs, it's about justice.”

As An Organization, We Are Committed To:

  • Intentionally partner with and center those affected underserved, disenfranchised, and marginalized communities by empowering them understand the effects of climate change on them and be a part of the solution to environmental justice issues, that include, but are not limited to, inadequate access to healthy food, inadequate transportation, air and water pollution, and unsafe homes.

  • Educating our communities that they should have the opportunity to live in a community that is healthy and safe, especially low-income communities and communities of color, who suffer disproportionate exposure to pollution and the corresponding health impacts from that exposure.

  • Educate and empower our communities on the belief that the benefits of a healthy environment should be available to everyone, and the burdens of pollution should not be borne by sensitive populations or communities that already are experiencing its adverse effects.

  • Empower and mentor those most affected by climate change through deep relationships, skill-building, resources, and by building on solutions that our communities are already championing.

  • Prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and anti-racism in all we do.


To Learn More, Please Visit...

United States
Environmental Protection Agency

United States
Department of Energy

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